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Internet Search Tools

Free Text. Can be searched using any word or combination of words. No classification. No quality control. Examples include Google and AltaVista.
Evaluated Subject Directories. Best place to start a search on health topics. Only provide links to web sites that satisfy some quality criteria.
Subject directories. Links organised by subject, but without the quality control of the evaluated directories.
Meta search tools. Submit your search to multiple search engines. Quick, but not thorough.

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Free Text Search Tools

AlltheWeb One of the largest and freshest indices provided by Yahoo!

Alta Vista Includes many features to improve the accuracy of your searching see their help file for details.


Google Straight forward to use and with high quality retrieval this is an excellent search tool.


Lycos Heavily advertised but not highly rated search tool.

MedHunt Health related search engine that includes the sites evaluated by the Health on the Net Foundation.

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Evaluated Subject Directories

Health Finder Major US Patient information site

Health on the Net

INTUTE A searchable UK guide to quality Internet resources, including health and social sciences.

Medical Matrix

Netting the evidence Google Search Engine A Google Custom Search Engine covering over 100 web sites associated with evidence-based practice methodology. Replaces ScHARR Library's "Netting the Evidence" directory.

Patient UK Patient information site maintained by two GPs that while not operating strict criteria is selective in its choice of links.

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Subject Directories

Google Directory Combining the highly effective ranking ability of the Google search engine with the rapidly growing Open Directory this promises to be a first rate search tool

Yahoo The best established directory but suffering from the difficulty of maintaining the currency of its links.

Open Directory A directory built and maintained by volunteer web users. People take responsibility for maintaining and expanding a section of the directory. This approach has created a directory indexing over 1.5 million sites.

Arbor Excellent US based nutrition and diet directory.


MedicalStudent.com This site focuses on links of interest to medical students with a particularly good section covering medical textbooks by specialty. For inclusion these textbooks must provide at least some free content.

PharmWeb Specialises in information for pharmacists with a broad range of links to pharmacy related material.

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Meta search tools

Ask Jeeves Allows you to ask questions in the form of sentences and then offers answers it knows. Also sends your search to several search engines.



Google Groups includes the archives of the Usenet discussions formerly searched through Dejanews

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